About Us

Lakewood Gulch

Armfield Engineering was started in 1996 by Ken Armfield, the company’s owner and chief engineer.  We are part of a team of independent professionals in civil engineering, planning, architecture, environmental biology, and land surveying who have been collaborating on projects with each other for many years.

When you work with our company, you are working with dedicated and conscientious experts who each have at least 15 years experience.  We take pride in doing excellent work and treating your project as if it were our own. 


Faster Plan Approvals:

Our experience, proactive attitude, and high level of care help your project avoid unforeseen development pitfalls and obstacles, and also result in fewer redlined comments as your plans move through your city’s or county’s review and approval process. This helps to eliminate unnecessary re-working of the plans, and also results in fewer re-submittal/review cycles, which shaves months off of the review process and also results in lower review fees from your jurisdiction.

Optimized Construction Plans:

Optimizing your construction plans to give you the best product for your budget is something we include with every one of our projects.  This does require extra effort and expertise on our part, but we believe it is worth it - at each step in the design process we re-check, re-analyze, and re-think the design to get just the right balance of benefits and trade-offs to meet your project goals and to provide a solid, long-lasting, and cost-effective design.  By investing this extra time and care during the design phase, your cost savings can be tenfold during the construction and maintenance phases of your project.  We also regularly consult with construction contractors and suppliers so that our construction drawings specify the most cost-effective designs and materials to match your project.

Individualized Design:

We also team up with YOU, to listen to and understand your vision, and to collaborate with you at whatever level of involvement you want.  Whether you want to hire us to handle all of your development processes, or to just work on one small piece of your project, our goal is to provide you with custom-fitted development plans to help your project turn out just the way you want it to.

Competitive Fees:

Because we have very low overhead, as well as the experience to do our work quite efficiently (getting it right the first time), you and your project receive the benefits of expert help at very competitive rates.

About Owner/Chief Engineer Ken Armfield:

Ken’s civil engineering experience began around age 7 with extensive experimentation making roads and canals in the garden, building dams in the street gutter, and seeing just how fast he could make bicycle pedals spin using the garden hose turned on full blast.

Combined with his natural inclination to play with water and dirt, Ken also grew up hiking, fishing, camping and skiing in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors, and continues to bring a strong awareness and respect of the natural environment into his work today.

Since graduating from Colorado State University in 1989, he has worked in both the private and public sectors on a broad variety of drainage, floodplain, and land development engineering projects along the Colorado Front Range, encompassing design, project management, on-site resident engineering, construction inspection, and materials testing.

He continues to do research in the sandbox and to explore nature with the help of his two young sons and his wife.